2010 Quota Cares Month Winners

Quota International of Moranbah

Top Winner

Moranbah Quotarians celebrated Quota Cares Month 2010 in two special ways. The club initiated their first-ever Cupcake Drive. Flooded with orders, club members found themselves having to bake 1,000 cupcakes! Although a little nervous about how they were to coordinate such an effort, they established a production line and cute little cupcakes were the end result—as well as a successful fund-raiser for a Life Education program.

The Moranbah Markets Day, held in the local Town Square, happens once a month, but in March there was a new addition—a stall operated by Quota International of Moranbah. Members of the community of Moranbah, drawn to the stall by an attractive display featuring the Quota Bears that the club donates to Emergency Services and a hamper filled with “goodies” that was being raffled off, learned of the many services of Quota to the deaf and hearing-impaired citizens of Moranbah.

Projects are often set up to attract funds. This one was planned to attract people and was a huge success. Many community members stopped by to visit, chat, and learn (and perhaps to buy a raffle ticket). Five women were so interested that they plan to join the club and help it grow.

The Moranbah Quotarians proved with their market stall that it is possible to “sell” Quota with a minimum of effort. All it takes is an idea for a place, information to share about the wonderful work of Quota, and a friendly Quota smile for all who stop by. Congratulations to Quota of Moranbah for two winning ideas!

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