2010 Quota Cares Month Winners

Quota International of Massillon

Honorable Mention Winner

The guests of honor at Quota of Massillon’s benefit dinner and auction were barely old enough to stay up late, but it was a special night. The annual event was a chance for 130 Quotarians, friends, donors, and guests to see directly some of the good work that Quota does in the community. The “child honorees,” four-year-old Sammy and his seven-year-old brother Danny, had received hearing aids through the club’s “Sound Beginnings” program, and they and their parents were honored at the dinner for the challenges they face daily.

Dinner guests were treated to the theme of a “European Getaway” in a hall decorated with displays from various European countries. The master of ceremonies and the auctioneer for the evening donated their time to facilitate an evening of good food, laughter, and fund-raising. The live and silent auctions provided an opportunity to win many wonderful gifts, including a trip to a non-European destination, Turtle Beach in Florida. Almost $17,000 was raised at the event.

Staying up late can bring good results. Sammy and Danny, in addition to the hearing aids provided earlier, received plaques with their pictures on them and a gift bag of toys. More importantly, they participated in a fund-raising event that will allow Quota International of Massillon to continue its work on speech and hearing projects as well as assistance to disadvantaged women and children. Many more children and adults will receive the gift of Quota’s caring as the result of QI of Massillon’s Quota Cares Month project.

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