2010 Quota Cares Month Winners

Quota International of Iosco County

Honorable Mention Winner

Quota International of Iosco County renamed Quota Cares Month. For them, it became “Quota Kindness Month,” dedicated to making the lives of everyone they touched a little bit brighter.

The worldwide economic stress hit Iosco County, Michigan, hard. With an unemployment rate of 23%, the small community is hurting, and Quota club members set out to ease the pain. Kendee the Kindness Bear, a fluffy white mascot in a Quota t-shirt, traveled from business to business. Quota club members, wearing Quota Kindness buttons, gave out small tokens of candy and ear plugs when they observed acts of kindness throughout the community. Cards with slogans such as “Kindness is catching…please pass it on!” helped spread the word about kindness and about Quota. One hundred fifty clients of the meals on wheels program received ribbon-decorated flowers with their meals along with a card saying “March is Quota Cares Month and Quota International cares about you! We are wishing you a wonderful day!”

The idea of celebrating kindness was passed to the younger generation when fifth grade school children in two towns participated in a poster and writing contest on the subject. Small prizes were given to the winners, but the teachers felt the real prize was the nurturing of kindness in the students.

Throughout the month, kindness paper chains were housed in local businesses. Each link supported individual acts of kindness, either observed or performed by an individual. Daily, the chains increased in length. At the end of March, the chains were linked together as a symbol of what Quota Kindness Month had accomplished. The Quotarians of Iosco County, facing long odds in a depressed economy, linked the people of their community in a chain of kindness, helping to give them strength to face their continuing challenges together.

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