2010 Quota Cares Month Winners

Quota International of Gold Coast

Top Winner

Fifteen or more babies hearing the sounds of the world—that was the impetus for Quotarians in the Gold Coast club this year. Without their help, the Cochlear Implant Programme at the Hear and Say Centre would have to cut back on services, and fifteen or more babies would not get the gift of sound this year. That need tugged at the heartstrings of the Quota club, and the idea for the “Golden Hearts Luncheon” was born.

What a day it was! The club members proved that fund-raising can be done with elegance and high style. Guests gasped in wonder as they entered a white and gold decorated room at the Southport Yacht Club, enhanced by the view of dozens of yachts on a sun-drenched day. A delicious champagne luncheon, a fashion parade by a local designer, door prizes, and a raffle kept them well fed and entertained. Learning what the Hear and Say Centre does to serve deaf and hearing-impaired children touched the hearts of the guests, and they purchased thousands of raffle tickets to add to the profits of the day.

The benefits of this “heart-felt” project were many. The immediate impact was the $6000 raised for the Hear and Say Centre. The long-term effect promises to be strong, also, as most of the guests were non-Quotarians and came away from the day knowing more of what Quota is and does. Many asked to be informed of future Quota projects. Quota of Gold Coast found a way into the hearts of their community with a high-class function on a beautiful day. It was a winner all around!

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