2010 Quota Cares Month Winners

Quota International of Gloucester

Honorable Mention Winner

Assets shared by all Quotarians are a love of service, a commitment to their community, and a strong feeling of fellowship. This year, the Quotarians of Gloucester decided to showcase even more of their talents for Quota Cares Month, as they mounted a craft and quilt display in their community. They booked a hall, collected quilts and other crafts to show off, and wrote detailed descriptions of the work involved in making each item. Husbands as well as club members were recruited to set up the displays. Preparations were also made for a refreshments area, where visitors could revive themselves with a “cuppa” and sweet treats provided by the club.

The purple-shirted members of the local club welcomed visitors from as far away as Canberra, Forster, and Camden Haven who came to view their work. The show was an opportunity to celebrate the club members’ creativity, and, of course, a way to promote the activities of Quota. Updated brochures were available, and club members were on hand to encourage support and invite new membership. As visitors to the show marveled at the hours of work that went into the quilts and other items on display, they also learned of the many hours Quota devotes to the local and international community.

Though not planned as a fund-raiser, the show raised $1,000 to be used in local projects. More importantly, the show was an opportunity to meet and greet many people, who came to view quilts but went away also having learned of the valuable services that Quota provides to the local and international community.

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