2010 Quota Cares Month Winners

Quota International of Coolum Beach

Top Winner

What would draw both women and men, from the local Quota club as well as the general community, to breakfast on a Friday morning? Quota International of Coolum Beach found a way, with the help and generosity of their guest speaker Wally Lewis, one of Australia’s most recognized and respected Rugby League players. As the father of a daughter who was born profoundly deaf and became one of Australia’s earliest recipients of a cochlear ear implant, Wally Lewis has a personal connection to Quota’s mission.

Breakfast at the Peregian Springs Golf Club was delicious, but the speaker was definitely the main event. Wally kept the guests enthralled and inspired by sharing personal stories of his daughter’s struggles and triumphs as well as inspiring moments from his own career. He chatted easily with the guests, posed for pictures, and signed autographs for several hours. Through it all, Wally and the Quota members at the affair promoted the work of the Hear and Say Centre and the efforts of Quota to help meet its needs.

Getting star-quality help with the project was a triumph for the club. Extensive publicity before the event, and continued excitement about it after, raised awareness in the community about Quota’s work with deaf and hearing-impaired people. Thanks to Wally and the club efforts, Quota International of Coolum Beach played a winning game in Quota Cares Month.

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