2010 Quota Cares Month Winners

Quota International of Bismarck-Mandan

Honorable Mention Winner

This was Quota of Bismarck-Mandan’s first planned Quota Cares Month, and they handled it like pros. The month-long celebration kicked off at the regular meeting. The program director and a student from the local “Teen Challenge” program spoke, and Quotarians were in tears hearing about the student’s challenges with drugs and alcohol. Tears turned to joy at the end as they showered her with gifts to share with other young women in the program.

The main event came later. Hosted by the local Applebees, a pancake breakfast for nearly 300 guests combined good food, informational handouts, membership solicitation, and fund-raising in one delicious morning. The recipe for success began with pre-breakfast publicity throughout the area. Information about the ingredients that go into Quota success was on tickets, on posters, and in press releases. At the breakfast, used hearing aids were collected for recycling through the Hear Now Foundation, and each guest received ear plugs and advice on their use. Quota members stirred up interest as they served food and drink while chatting with the guests. The icing on the cake was the profit from the morning, $1,336 to purchase a sound field system for a local elementary classroom.

The club rounded out the month with other activities, all with the common theme of Quota Caring. They donated handmade pink scarves to The Pink Scarf Lady, a North Dakota project that brings beauty to victims of cancer, and they supplied Comfort Heart Pillows for local breast cancer patients through the American Cancer Society. The club networked for Quota by handing out business cards with Quota information to anyone who was interested.

During the month, the club celebrated the “staying power” of Quota caring by honoring a 60-year Quota member, Shirley Martz, naming her Quotarian of the Year for 2010. The club’s conclusion following this first Quota Cares Month was that it, too, was here to stay. One member commented, “This was so much fun…Let’s do it again in six months!” Plans are already underway for Quota Cares Month 2011.

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