2010 Quota Cares Month Winners

Quota International of Bathurst

Honorable Mention Winner

Almost every child dreams of flying at some point, and Quota International of Bathurst brought that dream several steps closer with its Quota Cares Month project, “Airport Fun Day.” In conjunction with the Bathurst Aero Club, Quota invited the children of Carenne School and their families for a day of airplane activity.

Carenne School is for students ages 4 to 18 with intellectual disabilities. The school has individualized early intervention educational programs to develop communication, social, and independent living skills. On “Airport Fun Day,” however, the students were all children with one thing in common: a fascination with airplanes.

Thirteen Bathurst Aero Club pilots worked with the Quotarians to provide airplane-related activities. The children played “pin the propeller on the plane,” made paper planes, participated in a coloring-in competition with lots of prizes, and experimented with a computerized Flight Simulator. The highlights of the day were watching an L38 Jet take off and being able to sit in one of the eight planes on display, wear a pilot’s headset, and learn about aircraft instruments from a real pilot.

A delicious picnic was donated to help the project, and a balloon-decorated club house turned the project into a day-long party.

Whether walking or in wheelchairs, the children could, for one day, dream of slipping the bounds of earth and their disabilities and flying away. The Bathurst club passed the “Quota Cares” test with flying colors!

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