2009 Quota Cares Month Winners

Quota International of Iloilo

Honorable Mention Winner

March is not only Quota Cares Month but also a big month for school graduations and educational activities in the Philippines. So why not tie these activities together in a Quota Cares Month Project. This was the thinking of the Iloilo Quota club.

Three events were planned that exemplified the club’s service to hearing-impaired and disadvantaged children throughout the community. The first event occurred at S.O.S. Village, a home for disadvantaged orphans, while the other two were held during graduation exercises at schools for the deaf.

More than 120 S.O.S. kids participated in a variety of hilarious, fun-filled Quota club games at the S.O.S. Village on March 7, 2009. Children from the Leganes Resource Center for the Deaf and youth leaders from the Deaf Ministry of the Archdiocese of Jaro and Sun Yat Sen High School were also bussed in to join the fun or help with the games. Topping off the day were prizes for the game winners, as well as food, ice cream, and beverages. Last, but not least, the children were invited to jump for the Pabitin, a bamboo square filled with goodies and party favors that was hung out of reach, and to Hit the Pot, a game similar to batting the candy out of a Mexican Piñata. It was a memorable day for all.

The second event, which occurred on March 25, 2009, involved inviting active and former Quota club members to attend the Moving Up and Graduation Commencement Exercises at the Leganes Resource Center for the Deaf. It was an opportunity for Quota club members to meet the students, their parents, and educational officials, and to witness the achievements of deaf students who have been helped by the Quota club.

Highlighting the activities of the Quota Cares Month project was the presentation of the first Quota Cares Awards to outstanding deaf graduates at the high school and college levels. Awards were presented to Chas S. Jomantoc of the SPED Integrated School for Exceptional Children, Iloilo City, and to Mary Jane Chan of the John B. Lacsom Maritime University. A cash gift certificate was also presented to Ms. Chan to be used at a local bookstore.

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