2009 Quota Cares Month Winners

Quota International of Goulburn

Top Winner

You can count on Goulburn Quotarians to be on the frontlines of support whenever disaster strikes. A Quota Cares Month project that was planned to be an international celebration of Quota clubs around the world soon became a fund-raising event after the catastrophic North Queensland flood and Victoria bush fire occurred.

Disasters of this magnitude had not taken place in Australia for many years. The depth of need on the part of victims presented an equal challenge to Quotarians to raise as much money as they could as fast as they could. It was a combination of patriotic pride and an intense desire to help that inspired Quotarians to host an Aussie Luncheon with all the trimmings. Also the Goulburn Quota club had built a reputation for great catering, so a food event was bound to entice a host of culinary enthusiasts.

And so it went. While a bush band played in the background, dozens of guests were treated to a traditional Australian meal of pies, peas, potato mash, and pavlova with a glass of wine and cheese, all served on placemats with scenes of Australia’s favorite places. The hall was festooned with Australian gum leaves, Australian flags, children’s drawings, old lanterns, and books of Australian history. Gum leaves and small Australian flags also decorated the tables along with an Aussie exercise block as a table prize for each patron.

An Aussie quiz and a raffle of Australian made goods highlighted the luncheon, which not only raised money for disaster victims, but also brought in two new Quota club members with another possible. More than 80 percent of active Quota club members pitched in to help on the day of the event, and the mayor of Goulburn attended dressed in green and gold, Australia’s colors. Stories about the event were also featured in local newspapers and on the radio.

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