2008 Quota Cares Month Winners

Quota International of East Memphis

Top Winner

East Memphis Quotarians introduced their community to a whole new world last March with their innovative Quota Cares Month project:: “It’s a Deaf World,” an exhibit at the local children’s museum. By putting visitors in the shoes of non-hearing people as they navigated daily tasks, the exhibit gave hearing people the opportunity to develop an appreciation for both the capabilities of deaf people and the challenges they face. Participants were given a mini-sign language class that familiarized them with the basic sign language they would need to navigate three different stations: the bank, the grocery store, and community helpers. Children and their caregivers had to conduct “business” at each station using only the sign language they had learned. At the conclusion, they returned to Quota’s booth, where they received a goody bag filled with toys, pencils, sign language class information, a calendar, and QI of East Memphis information.

The event, which was funded from the club’s annual budget, also gave members an opportunity to collaborate on a meaningful project and introduced museum guests, employees, and patrons to the world of Quota! Over 900 people, including out-of-state and international visitors, came through the museum that day, and the museum newsletter, which is mailed to over 3,000 members and reaches another 4,000 through distribution to other outlets, advertised Quota’s exhibit. Thanks to East Memphis Quotarians’ work, hundreds of people better understand the deaf world—and Quota’s world, too.

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