2008 Quota Cares Month Winners

Quota International of Cambridge

Top Winner

Puppies, pre-schoolers, and Junior Quotarians—a formula for Quota Cares Month Success! Last March, Quota International of Cambridge helped its Junior Quotarians develop and hold a domestic abuse prevention program, called “Pee Wee Q’s and Pets,” in partnership with the Dorchester County Human Society. After learning that research shows that a high percentage of animal abuse takes place in homes where there is domestic violence, Junior Quotarians decided to build a two-day program that would use animals to teach children at a local preschool to identify signs of abuse and feel prepared to report it to a trusted adult.

The program was well-publicized, receiving coverage in several local papers, and several readers have since expressed interest in joining Quota. Two special guests were helping the club with their program—both puppies from the local animal shelter. The animals were a big hit with the children, who, with the help of Junior Quotarians, discussed proper and improper care of animals, and what to do if they witnessed animals being abused. By the end of the program, the children understood that any kind of abuse is bad and how much care, attention, and discipline that must be given to living creatures. At the conclusion of the program, each child selected their own stuffed animal for whom to care using the skills they had learned during the program, ensuring that the lessons of the day would last a lifetime!

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