2008 Quota Cares Month Winners

Quota International of Beenleigh

Top Winer

Hats off to Quota International of Beenleigh, whose Mad Hatter’s Tea Party made a big difference in the community during Quota Cares Month. The annual event attracts generous guests with a flair for fashion; all attendants don elaborate headpieces in competition for the grand prize. In addition to setting a fund-raising goal, Beenleigh Quotarians also identified the event as an opportunity to raise community awareness about the club and to recruit new members. Quotarians took to the streets to spread the word, distributing flyers to local businesses and residences, collecting prizes for the event’s auctions, and collecting donations of food and decorations.

The event was a success on all fronts, thanks to the members’ hard work and strategic planning. The tea was held on election day at a polling station; thousands of voters visited on their way to and from the polls, asking the host club about the event, their club, and Quota’s other projects. Sharing the good news of Quota’s good work and goals for the future was quite a morale boost for club members, and several local residents expressed interest in becoming Quotarians. Generating such interest was a tremendous achievement, but Beenleigh members weren’t done yet! The event itself was a smash, featuring an introduction to Quota, entertainment by local performers, silent and traditional auctions, tea, and the results of the hat competition. By the end of the day, the club had raised Aus.$2,014 for Hannah’s Chance Foundation for Synovial Sarcoma Cancer Research.

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