2007 Quota Cares Month Winners

Quota International of Heidelberg

Quota Cares Month—Honorable Mention Winner

The children of Haig Street Primary School in Heidelberg have long known about the local Quota club and its work on behalf of children, but this Quota Cares Month brought the school and the club together in an effort toward sustainable living.

The Haig Street School began working toward being a “sustainable school” some years ago and established vegetable gardens on their campus. This was an important step for a school where 90 percent of students come from low-income or government-supported families and 30 percent are Somali refugees. So, this March 15 became Sustainability Day, and Quotarians joined students and teachers to create an herb garden.

Quota funded all supplies for the project, and members helped children paint herb pots, plant various 350 seedlings, build a scarecrow, and cook a pizza lunch with ingredients from their existing garden. Each child went home with a small pot of growing herbs and the knowledge that their school was one step closer to true sustainability.

The Heidelberg Quotarians went home after enjoying a long and rewarding day of work. A few of the tangible rewards are the 100 percent involvement of Heidelberg club members in this project and the addition of several prospective members who so admired the Quota spirit at work in Haig Street School.

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