2007 Quota Cares Month Winners

Quota International of Davao City

Quota Cares Month—Honorable Mention Winner

The Quota Club of Davao City used all of Quota Cares Month to help those around them enjoy a lifetime of healthy hearing through education and hands-on medical services.

Two days in March were dedicated to lectures on common ear diseases at Brokenshire Hospital in Davao City. The first was delivered to hospital staff both to ensure their own ear health and to help them better identify the needs of patients. The second was designed to teach elderly local residents who have formed a morning meeting group at the hospital to better care for their own ears and hearing in the later years of life.

Davao City Quotarians began the hands-on work as they celebrated National Buntis Day, in honor of pregnant women, on Saturday, March 10. Club members staffed a booth during the city’s celebration and participated in the parade to raise awareness about Quota itself and healthy hearing. Their booth offered free ear check-ups and provided information about the local Quota club and the Mindanao Ear Clinic at Brokenshire Hospital.

The next Saturday found club members trekking two hours for a free medical outreach mission to rural Cabidianan Town north of Davao City. Ear cleanings (and milk and chocolate) were given to 47 children and infants, pap smears and breast exams were given to 23 women, and five children were selected to receive one-year educational scholarships from Quota International of Davao City.

The healthcare focus of the Davao City Quotarians also brought them four potential members during Quota Cares Month, but the greatest reward is knowing that education and service can combine to make many lives happier and healthier.

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