2007 Quota Cares Month Winners

District 17, New York

When District 17 Governor Terri Norton learned that the Northeast Region Academic Bowl for Deaf Students would be at the Rochester School for the Deaf in March, she knew she had a project her whole district could get behind. And that’s just what they did—with real, hands-on service work at the event.

Crews of Quotarians served bagels, vegetables, cookies, juice, and water to 120 students and 50 volunteer staff starting at 7:30 a.m. on March 23 and continuing through March 24. They even provided coolers for the satellite competition sites, where they could not provide workers.

These two hard days of work came after many weeks of planning and fund-raising that involved all clubs in District 17. Initially, the plan was for each district club to donate $200 toward the purchase of items needed for the Academic Bowl, but after outreach to businesses throughout the district, only $285 had to come from existing Quota funds. Nearly a dozen local businesses supported the District 17 Quotarians in this service.

This event was also the debut of District 17’s navy blue Quota polo shirts. They feature the Quota emblem on the front and will help the Quotarians promote the organization at their public events. The district will also have them for sale at the East Area Conference.

The valuable service of these Quotarians was recognized at the closing ceremonies of the Academic Bowl, but the real purpose of this work lived past these few days. In the wake of this public display of Quota’s mission, the Quotarians of District 17 are actively working to create a Rochester club. In the meantime, the Rochester School for the Deaf has asked to partner with Quota clubs for future events, and they were more than thrilled to agree, Rochester club or not.

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