2006 Quota Cares Month Winners

Quota International of Curaçao

Quota Cares Month—Honorable Mention Winner

The question, “What are we doing wrong?” is what got the ball rolling for Quota International of Curaçao at a conference presentation on “branding” presented by Mr. Alvien Martina. Each year the Quotarians expend a lot of effort fund-raising for worthwhile causes, publicizing the organization, and recruiting members. With all of this time and energy, the name Quota is still not recognized immediately. The club quickly accepted the “Alvin Challenge” for promoting the club and instituted a strategy for making Quota a recognizable brand.

The Quotarians of Curaçao put their new-found knowledge to work to draw an even bigger crowd as they once again sponsored the “Our Men in the Kitchen” event. This very popular affair bans all women from the kitchen as the businessmen, community leaders, doctors, and consultants don aprons and take a turn in the kitchen. This year the club invited more men to participate. Quota members publicized the event by appearing on radio and television shows thus getting the club name into the media.

Quota also achieved a tremendous amount of publicity with their Cops ‘N’ Kids program. Teaming up with the DARE program, which is designed to keep kids off of drugs, the Quotarians of Curaçao made even bigger inroads into the branding of the club. Since both DARE and the Cops ‘N’ Kids program have similar missions, this joint venture opened a number of doors for them.

The “Alvin Challenge” taught the group a number of lessons. Not only has the club’s visibility in the community risen to a new level, but, as a result, club members themselves have developed a new appreciation for their hands-on work. They are proud to be associated with a group that dares to ask “what are we doing wrong” in order to do things right!

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