2006 Quota Cares Month Winners

Quota International of Candlewood Valley

Quota Cares Month—Honorable Mention Winner

If you’re not used to thinking of Connecticut as a place to go whale watching, then you’d better change your outlook. Quota International of Candlewood Valley chose the W.H.A.L.E.—an acronym for We Have A Little Emergency, a child safety seat identification program—as the beneficiary of their club fund-raising projects. It involves distributing kits containing two decals which are placed on both rear side windows of automobiles, two stickers which are placed on either side of car seats, an information card, and a brochure. In the event of an emergency in which the driver is incapacitated, police and EMT’s would be able to use the medical information, including contact numbers on the card, to give assistance to little ones who are unable to speak for themselves.

The Quotarians contacted police and EMT groups in nine towns to determine if they were interested in this project. The response was overwhelming. As the scope of the project grew, club members began seeking corporate sponsors. The group had a display table at “Babies R Us” to advertise the program and the Quota club as well.

The energetic response from the community sparked a new enthusiasm among club members. With publicity in six area newspapers, the name Quota and what the club stands for is becoming more renowned. Now that’s a whale of an idea!

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