2005 Quota Cares Month Winners

Quota International of Manila South, The Philippines

Quota Cares Month—Honorable Mention Winner

A successful Quota club project often gives rise to a re-launch of that project on a grander scale. This is precisely what happened with the 2004 “Dances and Kicks for Kids” that Quota of Manila South held last year. Known for their work on behalf of deaf students (pictured above), the club also works with young girls, introducing them to an alternative to drug use and petty crime and giving them an awareness of an art form that might have gone unnoticed in their world: the art of dance.

The 2005 program was launched with a day-long event called “Stomping with Quota.” The day predicted a promising program to come. On this day, more than 350 boys and girls were treated to a day of dancing. Instructors taught stomp, hip/hop, and street dancing, and the lessons were followed by a dance contest, food, and balloons.

While Quota didn’t advertise the project on a grand scale, they placed streamers around the venue, and a number of curious people stopped by to see what was happening. This was an excellent opportunity to explain the club and its service projects. Members also brought along friends to help and to get a feel for Quota. The experience led three women to become Quotarians a month later.

Seventy percent of the club’s members were at the event, but everyone helped out in some way, donating food, setting up, recruiting guests, or publicizing the event. Pulling off an event like this proves that sometimes it takes more than two to tango—it takes the commitment of a whole club of Quotarians.

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