2005 Quota Cares Month Winners

Quota International of MacKay, Queensland, Australia

Quota Cares Month—Honorable Mention Winner

Last March, the Quota club of MacKay made evident the power of a small group. During Quota Cares Month, these twelve active members decided to learn about cancer’s effects on patients, survivors, and their families, while providing support to those affected by the disease. March kicked off with their monthly tea, which serves as a support group for those affected by cancer. A few weeks later, club members had dinner with Breanna, a 12-year-old girl who had suffered from leukemia. She and her family members shared their experiences and the positive impact Camp Quality, a camp for cancer patients and survivors, had on her.

The month culminated with the group’s participation in the Relay for Life to raise money for the Queensland Cancer Fund. Members of the club walked in pairs for 30-minute stints, along with members of 76 other teams. During off-times, team members supported one another by applying Band-Aids to blistered feet, playing Trivial Pursuit, and cheering on the walkers. Members who were unable to walk raised sponsorship money, and this, as well as donations, glow stick sales, and a garage sale, added up to the club’s $1,340 donation.

The Relay for Life was a great way for members to share responsibilities, get to know one another, discover potential leadership, and recruit new members. It also provided Quotarians a chance to be queens for a day. Carrying a banner that read “Quota Queens” and arrayed in crowns and long dresses with colorful sashes, they were named runner-up for best-dressed contingent. The costumes were fitting—to community members affected by cancer, Quota members truly are queens.

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