2005 Quota Cares Month Winners

Quota International of Gridley, California, U.S.A.

Quota Cares Month—Top Winner

The number 4,119, 902 may sound random to most of us, but it’s taken on special significance to Quotarians in Gridley, California. It’s the number of steps from their hometown to Washington, D.C.: a distance each of them has walked as a result of the Step Fit Gridley Project.

Interestingly, the project began as an effort to encourage children to engage in physical activity. The Gridley club raised funds to purchase and distribute pedometers, flyers, and informational brochures to students as part of a six-week fitness program. Aware that teaching is best done by example, the club members initiated their own Step Fit program, in which they would “walk” to Washington, D.C., by counting their steps. Every club member, even a wheelchair-bound affiliate, took part.

The children responded enthusiastically to the program, and so did the club members. They walked weekly and participated in local walk-a-thons and fund-raisers. They kept track of their strides on their personal calendars, tallied them, and met their goal by the end of March.

The fitness program was a great recruitment tool, as the Gridley Quotarians added eight new members to their group. Newspaper articles publicized the club’s efforts, and Quota’s service projects drew a lot of attention through program flyers, brochures, and T-shirts.

But did the club stop there? No! They counted steps to New York City, and actually bought plane tickets to attend a filming of the Today Show. From there, they planned to continue walking. Who knows? Maybe they’ll circle the globe!

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