2005 Quota Cares Month Winners

Quota International of Davao City, The Philippines

Quota Cares Month—Honorable Mention Winner

On March 10, the Davao City Quota Club promoted the importance of infant hearing screening by participating in Buntis (“Pregnant”) Day, a celebration to educate expectant mothers started by the Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecological Society. This full-day event, publicized on television and in the newspaper, featured guest speakers and forums on topics like family planning and hygiene. Over 500 women attended, making it the perfect venue for Quota to spread the word about infant hearing screening, a procedure that detects hearing loss in newborns.

Women were happy to learn about the screening, and the information the club provided generated a great deal of discussion about infant hearing loss—so much so that the club’s impact did not end with the day. They heard from several organizations hoping to partner with them, including the Filipino Chinese Heritage Organization, which volunteered to procure an OAE (Otoacoustic Emission) machine. With two otolaryngologists, Quota inaugurated the Mindano Hearing Screening Program at Brookshire hospital, which has just purchased an OAE machine.

The Quota club of Davao City was also able to use this forum to answer questions about the club and its projects and recruit new members. Many people, particularly doctors, were curious about Quota and were delighted to learn about its commitment to early detection of and intervention in hearing loss. A few even expressed interest in joining.

Members were proud to provide information about the screening and about Quota. Through their work at Buntis Day, they strengthened their connections to the community and to each other.

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