2005 Quota Cares Month Winners

Quota International of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, U.S.A.

Quota Cares Month—Honorable Mention Winner

We all know that learning is difficult when you can’t hear the teacher. However, even though research has shown that children respond better when a teacher’s voice is amplified and ambient noise minimized, little is done to create such an environment for students at crucial stages in the learning process.

The Quota club of Baton Rouge, on the other hand, understood the implications of noise and did something about it, raising funds to purchase and install Lightspeed Amplification Systems in two classrooms. Using microphones to amplify the voices of teachers and students, these systems reduce high levels of ambient noise, improve the hearing of teachers and students, lower classroom stress, and minimize teacher absenteeism due to voice and throat problems.

Proceeds from the club’s major fund-raiser, Tour of Homes, financed the project, and the first system was installed in a first-grade classroom at a suburban elementary school two years ago. Quota installed a second system for another class of first graders at an urban private school this past year. However, they are interested in more than installation—they are interested in the effects. They will compare the performance of both groups of students to one another over time.

The results have been positive so far. At a recent meeting, a teacher spoke of the positive effects and showed a videotape featuring each of her students talking about the system. All of them advanced to second grade—unlike the year before, when several had been held back.

At $1,200 apiece, the systems are affordable, and also easy to install, making this project easily adaptable to any club in any community. It benefits not only teachers and students, but also the club—the plan refocused the Baton Rouge club’s service initiative and led to increased meeting attendance and member enthusiasm.

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