2004 Quota Cares Month Winners

QI of Mountain View/Los Altos, California, U.S.A.

Quota Cares Month—Top Winner

The Mountain View/Los Altos club used its annual fashion fund-raiser to increase visibility during Quota Cares Month. The long-standing event traditionally attracts sellout crowds, and this year was no exception. In addition to raising U.S.$10,566, the event gained for the club significant media attention and ten enthusiastic new members.

The fashion show included local firefighters as escorts for the models and a keynote speaker from the local community health council, emphasizing Quota’s local involvement in service. During the event, each guest received a recruitment card attached to a candy favor and the club president invited interested persons in the crowd to join the club. One new recruit was impressed by “the friendly, interesting, intelligent women” she met from Quota and quipped, “Why should I NOT join?”

The club also increased community interest and involvement with a silent auction that required members to solicit donations from local businesses and services. Also, the club sent letters about the show to all community leaders and local politicians. To see a copy of the mayor’s proclamation regarding Quota Cares Month (being presented in the photo below), click here.

To read the club’s winning application, click here.

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