2004 Quota Cares Month Winners

QI of Andover, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Quota Cares Month—Top Winner

Dressed in Victorian to Flapper era costumes, Andover Quota members offered a unique fund-raiser during Quota Cares Month 2004 that attracted attention throughout the metropolitan Boston area. For the $35 entrance fee, customers at the Antiques Appraisal Faire received lunch and verbal appraisals on two antique items. Additional items were appraised at $10 each, increasing the net profit to U.S. $4,200 for the four-hour event.

Club members came up with the idea for the Appraisal Faire after their traditional fund-raiser stopped generating community interest. A lively brainstorming session led to a fresh idea and abundant enthusiasm for the project. News coverage plus widespread local publicity through posters, a postcard mailing, and an e-mail campaign drew a healthy crowd for the event and piqued the interest of area residents, producing several prospective club members.

The event inspired a 95 percent member participation rate in the Andover club, and it provided an opportunity for the club to review its fund-raising procedures. Using a Leaders as Listeners format, club leaders evaluated the event in light of the time and financial demands it placed on members. As a result, leaders believe all phases of this winning Quota Cares Month project strengthened their club through communication among members and with the community.

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