2004 Quota Cares Month Winners

Melba Williams-Swanson, Quota International of Mountain View/Los Altos, CA

Melba Williams-Swanson

Quota International of Mountain View/Los Altos, CA

Melba Williams-Swanson has lived in Mountain View for 60 years, and she has been a member of Quota International of Mountain View (now known as Mountain View/Los Altos) for 26 years. Melba has held many offices and was president for three years. She enjoys growth and development and started the Quota International of Mountain View Booster’s Club. The members of the booster club receive a newsletter and are invited to program meetings. They help the club by working to implement service projects. Several of these members have joined as regular members. Melba continues to encourage membership, telling potential Quota members that the club has something to offer them. The club’s major fund-raiser is a fashion show that was chaired by Melba for three years. She started our computerized guest database of over 400 names. Her invitation to speakers from the hearing-impaired community has helped inform guests of Quota’s service in this area. She encouraged our members to start a scholarship account by matching donations up to $10,000. Melba served as 12th district governor for two years. She continues to be a devoted Quotarian, serving on the board of directors for the past nine years. Melba, who remarried in 2000, served two years as president for Mid-Peninsula Widow/Widowers Association Alumni. She is an award-winning ceramist and dollmaker and teaches neighborhood children fired ceramics at home. Melba Williams-Swanson knows how to serve others and also how to encourage others to follow her example.

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