2004 Quota Cares Month Winners

Mary Ann Mayer, Quota International of Monrovia-Duarte, CA

Mary Ann Mayer

Quota International of Monrovia-Duarte, CA

Quota International of Monrovia-Duarte and District 25 have a real jewel in Mary Ann Mayer! She was raised with a strong family commitment and work ethic. Mary Ann knows the meaning of hard work and its rewards. She is affable with an outgoing personality. She understands the strength of Quota with its community-based clubs. Quota has been a vital part of Mary Ann’s life for 31 years! As a young, single, working mother, she would frequently bring her two young children with her to Quota meetings. She now brings her granddaughters, AND her two daughters were recently welcomed as the newest members of the Monrovia-Duarte Quota club. We are overwhelmed with her numerous acts of kindness, generosity, and empathy. Through the years, she has cheerfully volunteered her home and garden for many of Quota’s activities…from fund-raisers to afternoon teas, board meetings, installations, and Quota’s extra-curricular pajama and game nights. She never refuses any requests. Mary Ann has held every Quota office up to governor, and some offices she has held twice. Her helping hands and generous heart extend far beyond the Quota boundaries. She provides a home for struggling students and lonesome and elderly ladies. Her doors are open for Quota over-night visitors and visiting family and friends. She is very well known in our district. She is “a woman who can’t say no!” The members of Quota International of Monrovia-Duarte consider her to be the “best among the best!”

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