2004 Quota Cares Month Winners

Georgia Almond, Quota International of Bossier City, LA

Georgia Almond

Quota International of Bossier City, LA

Because her service spans many years, Georgia Almond would be more aptly named “Volunteer of the Years.” There are few people in any organization who have served without fail for over 40 years! Quota International of Bossier City is proud to have that person in Georgia Almond. She continues to serve in any capacity where she is needed and there are few like Georgia S. Almond, extraordinaire! First encouraged to join Quota in 1963, and having worked in banking for 32 years, Georgia’s natural business and leadership skills led her to take a seat in every elected Quota position on the local Bossier City level as well as every elected seat in District 21. Three years ago, a new member admitted that she was in awe of Georgia, who gave so selflessly to provide so much for the ongoing success of Quota International of Bossier City. In recent years, Georgia has had serious medical problems, but she always returns to Quota. When asked, “What motivates you to stay with Quota?” Her answer is simple. To paraphrase her, it goes something like this, “I enjoy the camaraderie with fellow Quotarians, and I enjoy what I get out of doing something for the community.” Since one of her best friends, Rosemary Patterson, is a former Quota International President, some have wondered why Georgia never ran for that office as well. She is certainly qualified! Her modest answer was simply, “that she had thought about it, but it wasn’t in the cards for her.” Georgia S. Almond exemplifies what makes Quota a successful organization, as she has all of the attributes of a true “Volunteer of the Years”!

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