2004 Quota Cares Month Winners

Cheryl Harter, Quota International of Coral Springs/Parkland, FL

Cheryl Harter

Quota International of Coral Springs/Parkland, FL

Cheryl Harter joined Quota International of Plantation in 1995 and has worked on numerous committees and served as president for two years. She helped charter our new club—Quota International of Coral Springs/Parkland—in a record 45 days by sponsoring two new charter members. Cheryl suggested that we sponsor a soccer team with a deaf child, which we have done for two years. Cheryl attended every game and from the sidelines she provided sign language to the deaf child on the field. She helped to plan the year-end pizza parties for the children and basically became the Team Mom. Cheryl was also instrumental in helping to organize the Coral Spring/Parkland Jr. Club. The Jr. Club is made up of teenagers from several local high schools. Cheryl is the Jr. Club’s liaison. She assists them in an advisory and supervisory capacity with their fund-raising and service projects for disadvantaged families as well as the deaf and hard-of-hearing in our community. Cheryl has given much of her time and demonstrated her leadership ability this past year in organizing the Jr. Club. She has used her excellent mentoring skills to lead by example. She has shown the Jr. Club members the true meaning of friendship and what it means to care about one another. Cheryl’s devotion of time and money has been in addition to all the other commitments and contributions that she made on behalf of our club. In addition to promoting the high ideals of Quota, Cheryl has been a charter member of PRIDE (Parents Really Involved in Deaf Education) for sixteen years. Cheryl volunteers numerous hours during tax season by assisting the elderly, parents with disabled children, and deaf persons prepare their tax returns. The members of Quota International of Coral Springs/Parkland believe that Cheryl epitomizes all the qualities of “volunteerism,” and they are proud to submit her name as Volunteer of the Year.

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