2004 Quota Cares Month Winners

Carol Crandall, Quota International of Waterloo, IA

Carol Crandall

Quota International of Waterloo, IA

Carol Crandall joined Waterloo Quota in 1977 and became president in 2003. Carol welcomed the challenge of each committee on which she served, and it soon became apparent that those committees became more organized, more creative, more approachable, and more diligent. The Attendance Committee blossomed with an efficient charting system; recruitment resulted in four new members; handouts and brochures became more appealing; and nut sales moved along more smoothly with better record keeping. Queen of Peace Grade School suddenly had many Quota members helping to catalog a flood of books for their library after the consolidation of several grade schools left the librarian with the impossible task of reorganizing all of the books into one library. As president, Carol focused on the wobbly start of the newsletter and reorganized it into an attractive and organized monthly feature. She attended every committee meeting and honored a Quotarian of the Month at each monthly meeting. Her encouragement and good ideas resulted in better attendance and were certainly an impetus to successful fund-raising. The Waterloo Quota Nut Sales and Annual Brunch earned more for service projects than ever before. The Quota bears project continued to grow with her encouragement, and Cops-N-Kids was embraced by the community and garnered a great deal of publicity for Quota. Carol’s hands-on approach, her good humor, energy, great grin, and friendly attitude made all club members feel involved and useful. Members are proud of their work in the community and proud of Carol Crandall—their model volunteer.

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