2003 Quota Cares Month Winners

Quota International of Armidale, New South Wales, Australia

Quota Cares Month—Top Winner

Winning Project: Four Successful Quota Events


Not one, not two, not three, but four events were planned by QI of Armidale, N.S.W., Australia, in celebration of Quota Cares Month:

Event 1: Celebrating International Women’s Day.
The club hosted a breakfast for over 150 guests to celebrate International Women’s Day. Invitations were sent to various clubs, groups, and individuals. A beautiful central venue was chosen, and a guest speaker from Bangladesh was invited to address the guests. Raffles were organized. Although the event was planned for about 80-100 people, publicity in the local paper caught the eye of many people and there was a rush on tickets. Singers from a private school entertained.

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Event 2: Honoring National Seniors Week.
Our club organized a luncheon for the elderly during National Seniors Week. Because this celebration fell on St. Patrick’s Day, plans were made to serve the 100 attendees with green and orange drinks, four leaf clover embellishments and decorations, and green Easter eggs packaged in the sandwich platters. A working bee prepared the food the day before the event, and a relay of members served the food and beverages.

President Mary Cotter (2003-2004) enjoys her evening at the Armidale club's celebratory dinner.

Event 3: Celebratory Dinner Honoring Quota International Leaders.
The club coordinated a dinner in honor of international leaders who were visiting the area in preparation for the upcoming South Pacific Area Meeting. Invitations to neighboring clubs and prospective members were invited to this event. The dinner was held at an elite restaurant.

Event 4: Serving at the Armidale City Autumn Festival.
Armidale City hosts an Autumn Festival. At 6:30 a.m., Quotarians headed down to the Creeklands Park with aprons on and ready to do service. Pancakes in the Park is the event, and the duty for our members is to serve a variety of beverages and the syrup (maple and blueberry). Our Quota shirts, aprons, and caps are in front of several thousand people, and we use this opportunity to invite interested parties to join our club. While city band plays, this annual event gives our club the best exposure of giving service and helping the cause with great spirit and hilarity.


As a result of Quota Cares Month, we have six prospective new members including the speaker who addressed guests at the club’s International Women’s Day breakfast event! While QI of Armidale never stops recruiting, special invitations were extended to potential recruits to attend the breakfast.


QI of Armidale sought and received extensive publicity for its International Women’s Day and Leader Celebration dinner and community visibility for its service at the Armidale City Autumn Festival.


All events surpassed their expectations. Members are asking prospective members to join, and they feel the club has gained a high profile of respect and community profile. The result is growth and development within the club, and this is truly a winning time for the club. Not only did the club host these events to show “how they care in so many ways,” but a “make a dollar grow” was initiated among members to support 2002-2003 President Beatriz Doran-Scoop’s cause of Diabetes Research.

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