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Stuka Prisiri: Enjoy Learning!

School dropout rates were increasing annually, especially among boys, in poverty-stricken areas of Paramaribo, Suriname’s capital city. Many parents were barely around, often working more than one job to support their families. Kids tended to fend for themselves in derelict neighborhoods, losing the desire for education and developing attitudes borne of low self-esteem.

The Quota club of Suriname decided in 2005 to create a program to stimulate the minds of two dozen disadvantaged youth and encourage them to finish school. Based on a successful Dutch program, Stuka Prisiri (Enjoy Learning!) began in January 2006 and changed the direction of many young lives. When the first two-year session of the program ended in December 2008, the 24 students, who had been identified by social workers as “at risk,” were far more confident, cooperative, and successful than when they started. Many of them will continue in Stuka Prisiri as peer educators for the group that began the three-year program session that opened in January 2009.

Through tutoring services and field trips throughout Paramaribo, the Suriname Quota members introduced their young charges to a world of possibilities for those who get an education. By showing them how to succeed in school, despite difficult circumstances at home, and how to take pleasure in learning and developing their talents, the club demonstrated to the youth that their lives have worth and that they can and should desire more for their futures.

Club-to-Club donations to Stuka Prisiri provide program materials, uniform t-shirts for participants, transportation to and from program activities, and food during meetings and outings.

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