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QI of Sainik Farms

Supporting a Preschool, Sponsoring Medical Camps, and Assisting the Elderly

The Quota club of Sainik Farm, India, began in 2000 to affect social change in pockets of poverty encountered by members. They began with a ramshackle home for the aged, where elderly lived out their final days in misery, carrying their own water into the building and suffering with untreated, sometimes undiagnosed diseases. The place became the Quota Home for the Aged, a model for eldercare. In the years that followed, the club took on many additional responsibilities, including running a preschool, an orphanage, a medical dispensary, and a vocational program, called “Muskan” (“Smile”), for people with Down’s syndrome.

In 2006 the club began to hold annual eye camps in a rural area of Punjab, where residents have no access to medical facilities. At the three-day event each January, doctors provide free eye exams for hundreds of people and perform cataract surgeries as needed. But the range of medical services offered during the “eye camp” is much broader. Hundreds of patients receive check-ups and blood tests, and women over 40 get mammograms.

The club will continue to support their many charitable efforts through their own fund-raising. But the Club-to-Club World Service donations received in 2009-2011 through the We Share Foundation will support three areas of their service—fund the annual eye camps, which cost about U.S.$3,000 each; pay rent for the facility that houses their preschool; and provide supplies, medicine, food, and clothing for elderly residents of their Quota Home for the Aged.

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