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Quota Home—Shelter, Vocational Program, School, Medical Clinic, and Vision Center

The Quota Home in New Delhi stands as a beacon of hope for Indian women and children. Located in a slum area called Faridabad, the Home also serves as a model for all charitable organizations. It demonstrates what can be accomplished through the determination of volunteers who know the needs of their own community plus the contribution of funds from people who care.

What began as a shelter for battered and abused women in 1978 became the We Share Foundation’s first Club-to-Club World Service project. Support for this project over the years allowed it to evolve into a large facility with much more than a shelter. Today, the Quota Home also includes a vocational and literacy program for women, a day care program, a full primary school, a home for elderly women, a medical clinic, a diagnostic center, and, now, a vision center to diagnose eye problems, provide eye glasses, surgery, and post-operative care for people in need.

The vocational program offers 200 girls and women a chance to become literate and learn job skills in a variety of areas, including sewing, knitting, computers, and beauty culture. The program includes two full classes in computer training, each with 25 students, to accommodate the demand for instruction. Meanwhile, 200 children attend the primary school. Both programs require constant upgrades in order to keep pace with today’s technology, which offers a promising future for trained workers in India.

The clinic cares for the women and children who live at the Quota Home, attend programs there, or live in the surrounding neighborhood. In addition to urgent care, the clinic offers regular care for local children to reduce worm infestations and anemia. From time to time, the clinic offers programs for local parents to teach nutrition, hygiene, and proper childcare. The Diagnostic Centre expands medical care with regular dental exams, cancer screening, and anemia detection programs in addition to necessary treatment and surgeries for other diseases for children and seniors.

The new vision center at Quota Home addresses a national crisis in India, where 15 million people are blind and another 52 million are visually impaired. Sadly, one fifth of the world’s blind children are Indian. In collaboration with Venu Eye Hospital and Eye Institute, the New Delhi Quota club opened the vision screening and care center in January 2009.

Club-to-Club donations in 2009-2011 will support many of the programs in place at Quota Home, especially upgrades in the vocational program and school to meet technological and material needs; financial support for deaf women through the Deaf and Dumb Institute of India; and food, clothing, and transportation for women and children who live or attend programs at the Home. Donations will also be used to provide the new vision center with supplies and equipment and, if plentiful, provide cancer and dental camps, school supplies, teacher salaries, and building maintenance.

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