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Vocational Training Program for Hearing-Impaired Students

Most hearing-impaired students at the Mandaue Central School live in poverty. Until 2005, when the Mandaue Quota club initiated a vocational program for these students, their futures were limited by a lack of education and marketable job skills. Today, prospects are greatly improved for dozens of young people through this Quota effort, run in partnership with the school’s special education department and supported by the We Share Foundation’s Club-to-Club World Service program.

The program began with opportunities for training in beauty skills—hair styling, cosmetology, and nail care. After building a training center, the club retained the nail care training and added courses in sewing, baking, and therapeutic massage. In 2009-2011, the program will further expand to include more food-related training—food handling and preparation, table setting, and vegetable growing—as well as carpentry, industrial arts, and computer literacy.

The Mandaue Quota club currently is working to formalize the training module and receive accreditation for the program. Likewise, the club is taking steps to register the program with the Department of Social Welfare and Development in order to increase opportunities for funding and to access teachers with specialized training.

Club-to-Club donations will supply materials and equipment for the vocational courses and fund the salary and continuing education of one teacher. Most importantly, support for this program instills hope and confidence in these students that they can one day achieve independence and become productive members of society.

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