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QI of Las Piñas

Improving a Local Hospital’s Pediatric Ward

Women delivering babies at Las Piñas General Hospital face a Spartan experience at best. In the barebones facility without air conditioning, a new mother rests on the floor, separated from the hard cement by nothing more than a sheet of cardboard and a native floor mat. Then, she takes her newborn home without benefit of a simple blood test to screen for congenital disorders.

In 2005, the Las Piñas Quota club improved conditions with 20 steel beds. Two years later, they adopted the ward as a club service target and provided some much needed medical equipment. In 2009, the club launched a concerted effort through the We Share Foundation’s Club-to-Club World Service program to improve the facility and the care afforded babies born in the “Quota International of Las Piñas Pediatric Ward.”

Club-to-Club donations will cover medical supplies and equipment for the pediatric ward and help the club create a nursery and an air-conditioned room for newborns and their parents. Most importantly, donations will help establish newborn blood screening for every child born in the hospital. The simple procedure requires a few drops of blood from a newborn’s heel to test for hereditary diseases that can lead to death or mental retardation if left untreated.

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