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QI of Kuala Lumpur

Empowerment Program for Disadvantaged and Abused Women

Crimes against women are on the rise in Malaysia. While the numbers of reported cases of domestic violence, rape, incest, and abuse against women are increasing rapidly, the number of unreported cases remains great. Most victims suffer in silence, believing the situation is their fate in life or fearing the news would cause their families to “lose face.”

Since 2006, the Kuala Lumpur Quota club has collaborated with the Women’s Aid Organization (WAO) of Malaysia to help women escape violence and abuse through an empowerment program designed to provide emotional support and build self-esteem. Battered women, unwed mothers, migrant domestic workers, and trafficked women gain a new lease on life through therapy, skills classes, and recreation in the safe environment of the WAO shelter.

The program includes classes in conversational English, sewing, baking, computers, jewelry making, art, knitting, crocheting, yoga, and dancing. While therapeutic, the training is also practical and relevant as the women prepare to make a living independently. In 2009-2011, the program will offer some of the women professional training in areas such as baking, sewing, and handicrafts to augment their earning power.

Several program graduates have been able to launch small businesses through start-up loans from Kuala Lumpur Quota. Whether a woman wants to hawk noodles from a street stall or operate a taxi service, Club-to-Club donations help provide the seed capital for her to take that first bold step into freedom.

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