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Student Transportation for the Leganes Resource Center for the Deaf

The Leganes Resource Center for the Deaf is the only learning facility that provides deaf education in the Leganes area, just north of Iloilo City. Established by the Quota Club of Iloilo in 1998, LRCD began as a simple library and networking source, but it has evolved into a full-fledged school for kids with hearing impairment, from preschool through high school.

The biggest problem facing LRCD families is getting students to the school. Leganes is a sprawling agricultural area made up of farmland dotted with houses and huts. Walking to school just isn’t feasible for most of the students, so they depend on transportation. Because most of the students are poor, there are days when families can’t afford the 60 cents per day it costs to send their child on public transportation. As a result, absenteeism is very high at LRCD and some students are far from grade level. For example, some 12 year olds are still in first grade!

The Iloilo club funded transportation in the first years of the center, but in 2004, dropped the expense from the budget because of rising fuel costs. By June of that year, only 12 children were enrolled in LRCD, two of whom later left because of financial constraints. The transportation budget was restored eventually in order to decrease absenteeism and drop-out rates, increase enrollment, and help students proceed from one grade level to the next.

Club-to-Club donations in 2009-2011 will mainly meet student transportation needs. If possible, some funding also will cover a nutritious lunch each day for each student and pay tuition for some students to continue their education.

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