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QI of DLF City

Educational Center for Disadvantaged Children

The DLF City Quota club has operated a successful medical dispensary, a vocational training center, and Sunday health camps for the past several years with the support of the We Share Foundation’s Club-to-Club World Service program. In 2009-2011, the club expands volunteer efforts to target a school in a remote rural area where dropout rates are extremely high.

Most families in the area have incomes that total U.S.$50-$100 per month. Typically employed as construction workers, factory laborers, or farmhands, parents tend to be illiterate and uneducated and, therefore, can’t help their children with homework. Because continuance in school depends upon a child’s performance, many kids end up dropping out and enter the cycle of poverty and a life of menial labor.

This project targets a rural school for 30 kids, aged 6 through 12, who are currently divided into two groups, each with one teacher. The club plans to move the school to a larger facility and expand to include 100 students, more teachers, more equipment, and more teaching materials. In addition, the club will provide meals twice a week and teach students basic hygiene and healthy living skills.

An important component of this program is individualized attention for each student. The club plans to keep close tabs on each child in order to assure that he or she is able to keep up with schoolwork.

Club-to-Club donations will provide food and clothing for students plus supplies and equipment for the school. They will also cover the school’s electric bill and provide for special school celebrations and miscellaneous expenses.

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