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Neonatal Hearing Screening Program

Davao Quota members made history in 2007 when they convinced local leaders to mandate universal hearing screening for all newborns in Davao City before their discharge from a hospital or birthing center. Club members drafted the city ordinance for local lawmakers, lobbied for its passage, provided equipment and training for its implementation, and then worked tirelessly to inform the community of the new law and the benefits of detecting hearing problems early.

With the support of donations from the We Share Foundation Club-to-Club program, the Davao Quota club produced an informative DVD on hearing screening that is now distributed through local agencies and health care providers. Members also established the Mindanao Neonatal Hearing Screening Program in the main city hospital and provided screening for babies and toddlers in locations throughout the community.

The club is planning to purchase another otoacoustic emission (OAE) system and a vehicle for a mobile screening program, which they will operate in partnership with the Davao City Health Office. In addition, the club plans to provide the local hospital with an auditory brainstem evoked (ABR) testing machine, which offers a definitive diagnosis of hearing loss in children. With their new mobile program, the club plans to broaden the scope of hearing screening throughout Mindanao with free hearing clinics.

Meanwhile, the club continues to lobby for universal infant hearing screening throughout Mindanao and to ensure that the screening is carried out in their own community. Donations for this project will provide supplies and equipment for hearing screening, pay certain transportation expenses, and cover the salary of a secretary to manage the screening program.

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