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Three Day Care Centers for Malnourished Children

The Cebu Quota club opened the Sawang Calero Day Care Center in 1982 and began to transform the futures of pre-school children living in dire poverty in a small fishing village. Having grown accustomed to scavenging for food each day and suffering from worms and malnutrition, the children began to thrive in Quota’s day care center, where nutrition was as important as the ABCs. Through meals, snacks, vitamins, medicine, and excellent pre-school instruction, the initial group of children became ready for an education that would open doors to a brighter future.

Enthusiastic support from around the world through the We Share Foundation’s Club-to-Club World Service program allowed Sawang Calero to become a highly successful pre-school for 130 students that stands today as a model for day care centers throughout the Philippines. Building on their success, the Cebu club opened a second day care center in 1998 that serves 86 children in the isolated mountain baranguay of Guba and a third center, San Jose, in 2007 to serve 120 students from a remote barrio in Talamban.

All three Quota-run day care centers provide quality pre-school preparation plus uniforms and school supplies for as many students as they can take in. Each center includes feeding and vitamin therapy programs and provides periodic de-worming, immunization, and basic medical care. At Sawang Calero, the club also sponsors free circumcisions every summer.

Donations to the program pay for food, medicine, vitamins, school supplies, shoes, and uniforms as well as building maintenance and teacher salaries.

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