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QI of Ba, Fiji

Educational Assistance, Emergency Aid, and Hearing Aids for People in Need

Quota International of Ba is Fiji’s only Quota club, but with vision, hard work, and the support of Quotarians worldwide, they have had a tremendous impact on their community since 1990, supporting impoverished women, children, and hard-of-hearing people. While many of the initial project components remain in place, the project has expanded to include several areas of support for individuals in dire need.

The Ba project continues to support residents of the local HART Village. Young residents of the government housing area are able to continue their educations because the club covers school fees, supplies, lunches, and transportation. If hearing is an issue, the club has, over the years, provided hearing aids and medical care for students as well.

The club expanded the project to encompass two different health services. In 2002, the club launched an ongoing effort to provide local seniors with transportation to hearing clinics, audiogram services, and hearing aid fittings. The hearing aids are donated from people around the world and then refurbished by Dr. Tom Shepherd of Queensland, Australia, to use in this project. In 2007, the club added a cancer awareness program to address a sharp rise in cervical and breast cancer in Fiji and covers transportation costs for women who want to attend. During the clinics, the club provides blood pressure checks, diagnostic tests, and PAP smears for participants.

Some Club-to-Club funds will be set aside for emergencies in 2009-2011. When local disadvantaged women and children are in need, whether from natural disasters or other situations, the club provides shelter, clothing, and food. In addition to supporting the ongoing programs already described, the club will install electricity in a squatter settlement to help five families now living there to earn money through tailoring and food preparation.

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