“Listen Up, Turn It Down” Presentations

Purchasing Optional Earplugs

You can have plugs made by a custom-printing company for as little as $.21 apiece. A few such companies can be found at www.casad.com, www.throwthings.com, www.absorbentprinting.com, or http://shop.store.yahoo.com/earplugstore/cuimearpl.html. (Quota International does not promote or support any particular company for these products. These links are provided for your convenience only.) To have them imprinted with a Quota logo, you will need an electronic file, available free from Quota International. Contact staff@quota.org with your request.

A less expensive option is to order plain ear plugs (available for as little as $.06 apiece). Make and print a “Healthy Hearing” card and attach your cards to the bags they come in. Click here to view one option from earplugstore.com (International shipping is available.)

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