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“Listen Up, Turn It Down”

A Quota Public Awareness Campaign for Hearing Health

Every day, noise causes hearing loss in millions of people around the world—people of all ages. In fact, children today usually have suffered Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) by the time they are eight years old, making education efforts critical. Join Quota International in a campaign to increase awareness of the dangers of noise, particularly in children, and provide practical tips for protecting hearing health. Get started with these helpful resources!

  • Quota’s Listen Up, Turn It Down Program Guide*—a step-by-step plan for educating yourself, your club, and children and adults in your community about Noise-Induced Hearing Loss through a public awareness initiative. Includes numerous links for materials to download and share.



  • Quota’s Listen Up, Turn It Down Presentations—three separate presentations with scripts and optional PowerPoint slides to address different age groups about NIHL and Quota’s campaign to protect hearing health: children ages 5 to 7 (10 minutes); children ages 8 to 11 (10 minutes); and teenagers and adults (15 minutes). Presentations are appropriate for use in schools, PTA meetings, and community education events.


  • Media Tools for the Listen Up, Turn It Down Campaign—Kick-start the public awareness campaign in your community with helpful media tools, including two news releases that your club can personalize and send to local media outlets and four new radio PSAs to help local stations promote hearing health with Quota.


  • Student and Teacher Healthy Hearing Resource Packets—Quota International of Mountainview/Los Altos, California, U.S.A., launched a successful campaign educating third graders in their local elementary schools. They are willing to share their efforts with you! Read their story and view or download the materials they distributed to teachers and students in their community.


  • Other Listen Up, Turn It Down Resources and Partnerships—Quota International is pleased to partner with the American Academy of Audiology, an international organization, and the National Institute on Deafness and Other Hearing Disorders, creator of the Noisy Planet Web site. Learn more about these organizations and free resources and information on their Web sites available to your club.


  • Listen Up, Turn It Down: Noise Can Zap Your Hearing*—Article about Quota’s Listen Up, Turn It Down Healthy Hearing Campaign published by Case in Point, July 10, 2012. This article would be an excellent resource to print and share as part of your club’s Listen Up, Turn It Down efforts.


  • Turn It to the Left Video—Watch this catchy, upbeat, and informative rap song released as part of the American Academy of Audiology’s campaign to raise awareness in kids and teens about noise-induced hearing loss. Written by classically trained musician Benjamin Jackson, Turn It to the Left conveys the importance of healthy hearing.

* To view or print out these publications, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here to go to Adobe’s Web site and download a free copy of Acrobat Reader.

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