JQ Club Youth Mentoring Program

Supporting Your JQ Club

Once your JQ Club is up and running, it’s important to provide its members with the support and guidance that they need to sustain and grow their club. Read on for tips!

Establish Club Liaisons

Your JQs need a single point of contact when they have a question or concern. Additionally, it’s important for your senior club to be informed of your JQ Club’s successes so that they can be celebrated! Designate one senior member to serve as club liaison—a person who attends JQ Club meetings and is the point person for JQ phone calls and e-mails. Your JQ Club might also allow this person to provide a quick senior club update at JQ meetings so that JQs feel connected to the senior club and are aware of opportunities for involvement.

Your JQ Club should also have a representative who attends senior club meetings so that the JQ Club is informed of senior club events. Doing so also allows a JQ to see how a successful meeting is run. Provide the JQ representative with time in your meeting to talk about JQ Club successes and upcoming events.

Attend JQ Club Events

Many JQs are planning and running events for the first time in their lives! Make sure that they feel supported by sending a group of senior members to events to help JQs when needed and give constructive and positive feedback.

Give Attention to Growth and Development

A healthy club is a growing club. Make sure that your JQ Club includes recruitment in its priorities.

Assign Buddies

Your club may want to consider strengthening the mentoring aspect of this service project by providing small groups of JQs with senior club members who fill a mentoring role and are invested in individual growth and development.

Don’t Forget Fellowship and Fun!

Hold regular events for JQs to enjoy one another’s company, and encourage them to organize these for themselves. These events don’t have to take a lot of time or money—a simple movie night or weekend brunch provides plenty of opportunity for members to enjoy one another’s company.

Infuse your own fellowship events with the spirit of youth! Invite junior members to senior club fellowship events. Be sure that your own club-bonding events regularly include junior members, so they not only build connections with each other, but also with the strong role models who comprise the senior club.

Recognize JQ Achievements

Be sure to recognize your junior members for the wonderful work they do! Consider holding an annual awards night to recognize a “Junior Quotarian of the Year” or any exceptional work that junior members have done. You might also consider having a scholarship program. No matter what method of recognition you choose, though, be sure not to limit it to a single event—constant recognition and feedback build confidence and strong relationships.

Other Ideas

  • Hold an annual retreat to celebrate the accomplishments of the junior club’s past year while working with them to establish goals for the upcoming year.
  • Establish reporting requirements. Hold JQs accountable to their goals and provide them with feedback. Having them provide annual reports and program evaluations is a great way for them to share their activities with you while also encouraging them to evaluate and reflect on their own projects.
  • Share meetings and projects! It is valuable for the two clubs to work together and develop strong face-to-face relationships. Consider holding one or more meetings together each year, and developing one or more service projects together.

Legal Matters

LIABILITY INSURANCE: For U.S. clubs, the Quota club liability insurance policy includes JQ events that are sponsored by the mentoring club against lawsuits by the public for injuries that occur at the event in accordance with the policy. In Australia, children are not covered by insurance if they are under 12 years of age. All other non-U.S.A. Quota clubs should check with their insurance carrier about coverage.

IT JUST MAKES SENSE: When working with children, it is strongly recommended that a senior club member never be alone with a junior club member (one-on-one). Always have at least two senior Quota members when meeting with one or more JQ members.

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