JQ Club Youth Mentoring Program

Junior Quota Clubs

The benefits of a JQ Club for both the sponsoring and JQ Club members are countless, but here are some of the most significant to consider:

Benefits for Sponsoring Club

  • Extend service reach. Mentoring youth fulfills Quota’s service mission.
  • Light a youthful spark. Young people will bring exciting ideas about existing programs and new opportunities.
  • Strengthen Quota’s future. JQs are likely to become active Quotarians in their adult lives.
  • Increase visibility. A JQ Club extends Quota’s reach to new social and community networks.

Benefits for JQ Club

  • Mentoring. As caring service-oriented professionals, your club’s senior Quota members are excellent role models whose experience and advice can change lives.
  • Service opportunities. JQs have the opportunity to work on meaningful service projects.
  • Leadership development. As JQs, students take on the valuable responsibilities of managing money, running meetings, and planning and coordinating events.\
  • International connection. Participating in an international organization introduces JQs to the rich diversity of our world and connects them to Quota’s global network. Some past JQs have even attended Quota’s international convention.

JQ’s Roots

The first JQ Club was launched by Quota International of Coral Springs/Parkland in 2004. A Florida teen had learned about the organization when participating in a club-sponsored contest. When the teen attended a meeting, the club realized the potential for service in mentoring local youth.

Since then, the JQ Club has grown tremendously and had a huge impact on the community. Today, over 50 JQ members have participated in service events like:

  • Race for the Cure
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • “Signing Santa” holiday party
  • Mentoring local elementary school students
  • Holiday food drives
  • Car wash fundraiser
  • Picnic for families with deaf children

The club’s enthusiasm is infectious…so much so that neighboring Quota International of Coral Gables started its own JQ Club, and nearby Quota International of St. Augustine is close to launching Florida’s third JQ Club. JQ clubs have also been established in other Quota communities in North America and Australia.

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