JQ Club Youth Mentoring Program

JQ Club Service

There is nothing more powerful than having an impact on another’s life through service…except, perhaps, watching a young person grow as they serve others. Helping JQs organize, implement, and reflect on their service experiences is a one-of-a-kind opportunity! Every community is full of unique service opportunities, but below are some tried-and-true service projects that can jumpstart your JQs’ service experience.

The Classics

Classic, easy-to-implement service projects include:

  • Volunteering at local animal shelter
  • Volunteering at nursing home
  • Backpack and school supply drive
  • Holiday baskets for needy families
  • Volunteer at soup kitchen or homeless shelter
  • Reading to children at the library or local school
  • Clothing and food drives
  • Community clean-up day
  • Baby-sitting services at community events


Students can identify a local organization or a national or international organization (like Quota’s Club-to-Cub World Service Program) that would benefit most from financial support and hold a fund-raiser to make a substantial donation. Potential fund-raisers include:

  • Bake and candy sales
  • Car wash
  • 50/50 raffle at sporting events
  • Pancake breakfast
  • Basketball tournament
  • Craft sales
  • Holiday gift wrapping
  • Penny drive
  • Walk-a-thon


A great way for JQ members to learn about grant-writing and fund-raising is by developing their own proposals. If your club chooses to distribute funds to your JQ Club, utilize an application process that requires JQs to develop a proposal articulating how funds will be used and the impact they will have. This is also a great way for senior members to learn about what junior members are doing and offer feedback on their communications and event-planning skills.

Connect with Existing Agencies

Students can also work with tried-and–true organizations to volunteer. Develop a directory of local schools and non-profit organizations to learn about ongoing and one-time service opportunities. JQ Clubs have had success in the past partnering with Habitat for Humanity and the Race for the Cure. If there is a local race in your area, your JQs can participate and fund raise, or they can volunteer at the event.

Work Together

  • Offer JQ Clubs the opportunity to hold fund-raisers at events held by the senior club.
  • Involve JQs in your own service events. Consider ways that the energy, talents, and interests of your junior club can be harnessed in meaningful ways! If you are holding a large event for families, they might be able to provide baby-sitting services. If you are holding a fund-raising dinner, ask if they’d like to contribute a course (dessert, appetizers, etc.).

The possibilities for involvement are endless!

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