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JQ Club Youth Mentoring Program

Quotarians are characterized by their leadership, love of service, and commitment to others, which provide the energy and resources that allow Quota International to have an impact on communities around the globe. These are the same characteristics that our young people must inherit to ensure that as they grow into adults, they continue to make our world a better place to live. To ensure that a legacy of service is passed on to the next generation, young people—particularly those who are experiencing disadvantaged circumstances—need caring, supportive role models and mentors.

Junior Quota Clubs—we call them JQ Clubs—provide today’s youth with role models to share the leadership, love of service, and commitment to others that have made an impact on communities around the globe through Quota International. Quota clubs sponsor local middle school, high school, or college students to help them develop leadership skills and perform meaningful service work. With mentoring from Quotarians, Junior Quotarians—JQs—become effective leaders who can communicate, delegate, solve problems, and serve their communities.

If your club is seeking an opportunity to build new connections in the community, share its insights and experiences, and add a burst of energy to existing programs, you’re ready to start a JQ Club. Every community has youth who would benefit from your special Quota guidance, mentoring, and support. By using this guide, you can have a tremendous impact on local youth, your own club, the surrounding community,…and our world.

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Questions? Contact Quota International at 202.331.9694 or staff@quota.org.

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