International Photography Contest

2012 International Photography Contest Winners Announced

Congratulations to the TOP THREE WINNERS of the 2012 We Share Foundation International Photography Contest. A former White House photographer served as judge—Joyce Boghosian. Each winning club chose one of Quota’s Hand-in-Hand World Service projects to receive their prize money.


“Silent Smiles”

Submitted by QI of Parañaque

When the Quota Club of Parañaque brings its Medical Mission to a local elementary school, they are met with a silence that speaks louder than any words. The speech and hearing impaired children surround them with enthusiasm, eloquently welcoming the club members even though they cannot speak. These three little girls, flashing smiles and peace signs, are evidence both of the joy of that day and the hope for the future. They are eagerly anticipating their “presents”—packs of basic medicine and vitamins supplied by Quota.

Passionate about speech and hearing service since its chartering in 2005, the Parañaque Quota Club offers frequent Medical Missions such as this one, bringing to the children what their president described as a “slice of happiness” in the form of simple medical necessities. In an area where erratic weather conditions can increase the incidence of normal childhood illnesses, Quota of Parañaque does what it can to help the children grow up healthy. In return, they are overwhelmed with the excitement of children whose silent smiles shout their gratitude.

The club will use its prize money to support its Hand-in-Hand project, Health Clinic for Destitute People, which is renovating the sole free health clinic for the poor in Parañaque City.


“The Naughty Nandu”

Submitted by QI of DLF City

Three-year-old Nandu impresses the members of Quota of DLF City with his irrepressible spirit in the face of unrelenting poverty. Living in Gurgaon, often called the Millennium City because it hosts the offices of several multinational corporations, Nandu shares a plastic-roofed shanty with his parents and sister. They sleep on the bare floor in a home with no electricity, and have few possessions. Nandu’s father works as a gardener and his mother takes sewing lessons at Quota’s vocational training center in the hope of supplementing the family’s income.

With the unfailing optimism of a child, Nandu faces his world. He accompanies his mother and sister to the training center, playing near his mother as she learns to sew or sitting outside his older sister’s classroom to listen to the lessons. He is well known to the Quota volunteers; when they visit the center, he always asks if they have brought biscuits for him. It was natural, then, that when the club bought sweaters for all the children in the tutorial classes, they also gave one to the ever-present Nandu. He will grow into his oversized sweater as he meets his future.

The DLF City club will use its prize money to support its Hand-in-Hand project, “Project Shiksha: Nutrition and Education for Children,” to help many more children like Nandu.


“Pillowcase Dresses”

Submitted by QI of Canberra

At first glance, what shines from this picture are the happy smiles of the girls in their new dresses, but the meaning goes deeper. Quota International is known for the many ways in which its members give aid to those in need. The judge of the photo contest commented that this picture “embodies the purpose of Quota International,” showing “children benefiting from creative ideas and hope for a better future.” Who could guess that this manifestation of hope came from pillowcases?

The Good Samaritan Children’s Home in North Haiti, founded after the earthquake devastated the country, is a special project of a Canberra couple. When one of the Quota members presented a “pillowcase dresses” project to the club, the Haitian children became the first recipients of this creative idea. Under the deft hands of Quota volunteers, new pillowcases became dresses, tied at the shoulders and decorated with pockets, ribbon, and lace. The little girls who wear the dresses feel quite elegant in their new fashion, smiling even in the face of an uncertain future because they feel beautiful in the present.

The club will use its prize money to support QI of Legazpi-Mayon’s Hand-in-Hand project in the Philippines, Stitch for a Living, which trains hearing-impaired and economically disadvantaged youth and women in sewing and dressmaking and helps them start their own business.

International Photography Contest

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