International Photography Contest

2010 International Photography Contest Winners Announced

Congratulations to the TOP THREE WINNERS of the 2010 We Share Foundation International Photography Contest. Three former White House photographers and a Pulitzer-nominated photojournalist served as judges: Dan Hansen, Joyce Boghosian, and Jodie Steck, plus Washington-based international photographer Astrid Riecken. Each winning club chose one of our Club-to-Club World Service projects to receive their prize money.


“Sisters Look Forward to the Kindest Cut”

Submitted by QI of Taree

Sisters share a special bond throughout their lives, facing the joys and difficulties, fun and tears of their lives together. Sometimes, this bond deepens as one faces the challenge of an incurable condition. Charlotte has alopecia, an autoimmune disorder that results in the total loss of hair. While not life threatening, alopecia can have a devastating psychological effect on its victims, as they struggle with the pain of feeling “different.” Charlotte’s sister Emily has, for the last two years, been growing her hair to make a wig for her sister. In the faces of these sisters, Emily’s delight in her beautiful long hair is matched by the peace on Charlotte’s face, as she contemplates how that hair will make her feel. Their sisterly love radiates from this First Place photo.

Quota International of Taree has been engaged in a successful fundraising and awareness campaign about alopecia, raising money to support families whose children have alopecia. Through their efforts, many children will share Charlotte’s anticipation of feeling as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside.

Using their prize-winning photo to take care of children internationally, QI of Taree donated their U.S.$500 in prize money to QI of Cebu South’s Club-to-Club project, Improving Conditions in a Pediatric Malnutrition Ward.


“Street Child”

Submitted by QI of Cebu

In the midst of deep poverty, the smile of a child stands out. This child was spotted by a member of QI of Cebu sitting on the makeshift push cart which doubles as his bed at night and waiting for his father to deliver scrap metals near one of the club’s day care centers. He is one of many children whose families live in slum areas, often sleeping on the street, working at anything they can find during the day. While the parents sell scrap or old newspapers, or deliver water or other goods for a fee, the children too often grow up hungry and uneducated. This child was later brought into the day care center which is supported with donations from Quota’s Club-to-Club World Service Program, and his future will be improved through Quota care providing education, supplies, food, and medication.

QI of Cebu will split its U.S.$200 prize for this photo between two Club-to-Club programs, QI of Cebu South’s project, Improving Conditions in a Pediatric Malnutrition Ward, and QI of Metro Cebu’s project, Rescuing a Special Education Center.


“Old Woman”

Submitted by QI of Cebu

When QI of Cebu joined with the Bohol Provincial Peace and Order Council to offer a free eye clinic to the townspeople of Trinidad, an 8-hour journey from Cebu, this woman was one of hundreds who came for aid. While she waited, she was spotted trying with great difficulty to read a newspaper. She had never had the opportunity to wear eye glasses, and her world had become increasingly restricted as her sight deteriorated. When she was fitted with a pair of glasses, she literally jumped for joy. Thanks to Quota and its eye clinic, she can now read her newspaper with ease, and is also happy to go back to sewing because she can once again thread a needle. The frown of concentration and struggle seen in this photo has been replaced by a smile, thanks to Quota’s gift of improved sight.

Supporting those in need of all ages, QI of Cebu will donate the U.S.$100 prize money for this photo to QI of Mandaue’s Vocational Training Program for Hearing Impaired Students.

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF OUR WINNERS! Keep taking pictures for our 2011 competition— DEADLINE OCTOBER 1, 2011. Photos are accepted throughout the year! To print an entry form, click here.

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